Tecscan Print Inspection Email: sales@tecscan.co.uk
Tecscan Print Inspection Email: sales@tecscan.co.uk

Pioneers of Print Inspection

Tecscan, a specialist manufacturer of video web inspection systems for printing presses, with 30 years of experience. That’s more experience than anyone else in the field- because Tecscan was the first company to develop and manufacture the pioneering ColourScan colour video web inspection system. Founder Mac Lear designed the technology in response to the production problems he saw during his engineering career, and Tecscan has been innovating, improving and problem-solving ever since.

Tecscan serves businesses small and large, local and global, in all areas of the print industry. The team at Tecscan pride themselves on their dedicated service and commitment to bespoke web inspection solutions, with a variety of options available for the standard systems. The company remains family-owned, with the same innovative spirit it was founded upon now partnered with a wealth of time-tested expertise.

Product Overview


The CS1 and CS2 are excellent value inspection systems with no compromise on image quality.





Advanced video web inspection featuring large area of view with high resolution. An excellent choice for narrow and wide web applications at an affordable price.

 NEW CS-i Series

A new advanced vision system capable of one touch positioning, multiple scan modes, position active thumbnail galley, multiview and much more.

Cold Seal Inspection System

The Cold Seal Inspection System uniquely allows cold seal registration to be inspected on-line at full production speed. An on-line measurement system controls and records the registration measurement.




AVIS Series

An advanced vision system capable of automatically detecting defects. The HPQ Hologram System is uniquely designed to inspect embossed holograms.





The WEBRANGER measures repeat length to an accuracy of 0.01mm per 1000mm and provides an automatic closed loop control on repeat lengths of substrates.




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WINNERS of Flexotech Innovation in Print Technology Award


WINNERS of Flexotech Best Environmental Innovation Award

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