Tecscan Print Inspection Email: sales@tecscan.co.uk
Tecscan Print Inspection Email: sales@tecscan.co.uk

Tecscan Electronics: more than just print inspection.

Mac Lear, Managing Director, demonstrates one of the earliest colour video web inspection systems

For thirty years, Tecscan has served the print industry with creative solutions to production problems, developing a deep understanding of common and niche issues that can adversely affect a print run. It’s this knowledge that is our greatest asset to our customers, allowing us to consider each situation as a unique challenge from start to finish. Our commitment to problem solving, the realisation of bespoke engineering and continued innovation has enabled Tecscan to become a trusted partner across the print industry- while remaining family-owned and run, bringing our values of trust, partnership, dedication and understanding to our clients.

Our specialties include the complex lighting and optics necessary for inspecting different, often niche substrates used in the packaging and security print industries, particularly with respect to holograms, clear and metallic substrates, and cold seal products. We are able to use the specialist knowledge we’ve gained and nurtured to effectively serve the needs of our customers, not only with the right technology for the job, but with personal, experienced and expert service.

About the Company


Tecscan, based in Pengam, Gwent, manufactures electronic video inspection systems which enable automatic monitoring and control of fast moving items during a production process- for example, the web of paper from a printing press. Although most applications are at present related directly or indirectly to the printing industry, the company’s expertise and proven technology have the potential to provide video inspection to a variety of industrial areas in future.


The company was set up in 1986 by Mac and Joanne Lear to exploit the innovative concept of video web inspection. For many years, Mac was a consultant engineer, troubleshooting for companies in the printing industry. It was this background that led to the development of Tecscan’s products. The first prototype system – ColourScan- was exhibited at a printing exhibition in Harrogate, April 1987. This system was the first colour video inspection system to be designed and manufactured in the UK and Europe.


About Printing and Web Inspection


Printing is one of the largest industries in the world. Everything we use is printed in some shape or form- cheques, credit cards, barcodes, labels, packaging, stamps, holograms, wrapping papers. More advanced and sophisticated printing processes require the latest inspection technology. The market is growing steadily all over the world, particularly in Eastern Europe, South America, the Middle East, Asia and some parts of Africa.


Tecscan’s web inspection systems are able to capture a high resolution image of the print from a moving web, in less than ten millionths of a second, and display this image in real time on the high resolution monitor for inspection. The image can be magnified to display dot size, compared with a master sample, frozen for detailed examination, viewed in real time and updated instantly.


Tecscan has demonstrated that it has an excellent and technically advanced product range, able to serve a niche market with products aimed primarily at improving production efficiencies. 

Why Use a Tecscan Inspection System?


Tecscan web inspection systems are an investment. As machinery is a significant expense for a printing company, we understand that you need to be aware of the value that each system creates.


A standard Tecscan inspection system will pay for itself within six months by reducing losses incurred at print and contributing to overall greater efficiency and productivity. By allowing printers to lessen the amount of waste, not only are costs cut down and returns raised, but the environmental impact of wasted print products may be significantly reduced. Web inspection systems serve another important need in addition to their primary function: they show your customers and end users that you are committed to the highest quality possible.


Use of a Tecscan system will:

  • Reduce waste to a minimum
  • Cut make-ready to a minimum
  • Reduce the number of rejected products
  • Reduce the press production time per job
  • Lessen operator’s need to check and correct issues manually
  • Increase stakeholder confidence
  • Contribute to higher productivity and profit
  • Contribute to lessened environmental impact
  • Allow your company to produce niche products to the highest standard with confidence





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Email: sales@tecscan.co.uk

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